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This is the ultimate place where all emotions are being displayed under a single roof. We provide our users all forms of musical animated video greeting cards, which they can be send to their loved ones expressing their respective feelings, at no cost on their parts. You can send directly to Post on Facebook friends time line and wall, and also send to friends facebook messager inbox, or to Whatsapp. Our users can conveniently pick up their choice and send it to their loved ones without undergoing any hassles. There are wide ranges available in our website.


Anniversary - Remembrance of a special event on a particular day every year is called an anniversary.An event that took place on a certain date for the first time...

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Birthday - The day of birth of a person celebrated every year is called 'birthday'. People of all religion and culture celebrate the birthdays.

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Congratulations - Success is complimented or appreciated with a congratulation message. The person who achieves his or her success always deserves...

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Everyday - A single day can be made special with some unique wishes. Everyday what we do sometimes seem to be boring or we may lack interest in our regular activities. Good Morning, Good Night, Happy Journey, Hi-Hello, Sorry etc.

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Friendship - Friendship is a hearty bonding between two people one who can trust and one who van understand. Friendship is trust that someone will not harm us.

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Get Well Soon


Get Well Soon - An individual always wants to see his/her dear ones hale and hearty. Its a prayer for our ailing loved one. When a person becomes ill he/she not only becomes...

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Humor - Humor is a state of mind habitual or temporary. A person's quality of creative imagination or verbal skill or incongruity which has...

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Inspiration - Inspiration is nothing but showing hope. A person needs an inspiration when he or she is facing a tough situation in life.

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Love - When affection or liking for something or someone riches a higher level that time its called love,an emotion that...

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Miss You


Miss You - Anybody whom we love we always want to be close to that person. A little absence of that person makes us shed tears for him/her.

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Sympathy - Sympathy is a kinship in which one person stands with another person during the former's time of need. In another word sympathy...

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Thank You

Thank You - Thank You is an expression of gratitude against one's favour. When people receive a help during their needy situation saying...

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Musical Animated Video Greeting Cards for all occasion:

  • For instance, there are various Birthday Collections available for different people in your life expressing respective emotions.
  • There are wide ranges of Anniversary wishes greeting cards,  amongst which some are meant to be send to couples celebrating their anniversaries as well some can send to their spouse to make the moment even more special.
  • A wedding can make the auspicious moment even more special.
  • Awareness serves a noble purpose and by sending this you can show your concern and spread noble messages.
  • There is quite a number of Congrats through which you can wish your loved ones on their recent success achieved.
  • There are many other categories available as well which include sections like Corporate where you can wish your loved ones on his/her successful career life.
  • Everyday assures our users to make their loved one’s each day even more meaningful and colorful.
  • Lovers can make their pick amongst innumerable Miss You, Love, and send it to their beloved professing their love.
  • Friendship as well can be used to show your valued friends how much importance their presence holds in your life. In order to respite your loved ones from the monotony of everyday boredom.
  • You can send our Humor e-cards to add on a little change to his/her life.
  • Moreover, there are huge lots of Sympathy Greeting Card with the help of which of you can show your presence at the time of your loved one's distress.
  • A Thank You can always be sent as one’s show of gratitude against some favors achieved. Thus in keeping in mind our user’s convenience, our website is designed in such a manner so that everyone can get hold of their required emotion with ease.
  • You can send or post these greeting cards with personalized messages attached, to any and every one to his or her Facebook wall or timeline or messenger or through WhatsApp to make it even more special.

Being an Emotion Courier, We offer to send via email, text message, Whatsapp, and Facebook messenger for every occasion and celebration, and no registration or sign-up is required. WE Offer includes Birthdays, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Mother's Day, Halloween, Love & Romance, Awareness, Friendship, and many more. We have introduced Thinking of You for day-to-day purposes. Send your Personalize message to make it special. Express yourself with a talking or musical e-card. From heartfelt to trendy to funny.